Expandable Ball, Magic Ball, Great Stress Relief Toy Kids Birthday Gift Educational Toy

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  • ♛ MATERIAL-Plastic.Award Winning geometric expanding/contracting ball.
  • ♛ Color cannot be chosen.Color chosen at random.No assembly required, Both educational and fun.
  • ♛ Expandable Ball- Multicolored ball magically expands from 6" to 12" with one easy motion
  • ♛ The kiddos are fascinated with the colors and how big it can get and it provides some sensory feedback and "hands on" work that is so helpful when engaging children in skill building. Even if it wasn't used for this purpose its very amusing and fun to look at and play with for all ages.
  • ♛ In teaching relaxation to children this toy allows to illustrate deep breathing with a fun visual aid that will keep the kids paying attention and allow them to place their hands on something at the same time.No assembly required, Both educational and fun.